Ever since you went away

I wake up melancholy every day,

remembering a recurring dream

about all that was left unsaid.

Your insights were as sharp

as my father’s stropped razor.

You excised my tongue

and left me without words.

I yearn for you like a lowing cow

with an udder full of grass-fed milk

waiting for a farmer’s gnarly hands..

Sunlight streams through the window

enlivening your needlepoint flowers

on the desk, but only feathery shadows

of trees dance on your empty chair.

Wisps of your sweet-smelling hair

hover over a Mason Pearson hairbrush

waiting for your daily grooming.

I miss your naked voice,

dance without moving,

and long to hold you with wild desire.

In our dusty closet,I step on your lost shoe.

Shuddering, I see the sun turn black.