We don’t have any idea
how much animals understand.
They can’t speak, laugh or cry,
but seem to know a lot more
than we can ever imagine.
They nurture their progeny
and try to evade predators.
Butterflies are known to fly
inconceivable migrations.
Animal knowledge resides
in the starlight rays of compassion
that lay dormant in all of them.
Unlike humans, they only kill
each other in order to eat.
Never duplicitous, they can’t
be mean, jealous or hateful.
They’re the first living beings
to warn of an incoming tsunami.
It’s in the 24 carat veins
of gold in their open hearts.
Animal wisdom, deeply buried
in the rich soil of kindness—
no human can ever be lonely
with a purring cat at his side,
or ever feel as safe as having
a growling dog at one’s command.
Seeing what is real provides
the vision to comprehend
the unthinkable, decipher
the unsolvable and discover
the unbridled humanity
waiting to be touched with love
that exists in every living creature.