I will be your Father, Son and Holy Ghost

If you will be my Mary Magdalene

I will court you every day

Like an Edwardian gentleman

I will build a house of glass

Where the sun always shines

Under skies of blue I will make you

Oolong tea in a silver samovar

I will sing you to sleep and give you

a Rolfing massage when you awaken

I will explain the Upanishads

And serenade you with Scarlatti on a harpsichord

I will hunt for Morels for you

Every sunny April morning

We will trek from Tuscany to Timbuktu

Lunching on Stromboli and Chianti

“Death by chocolate” your favorite dessert

Will be kept cold by the dry ice in my cooler

I will keep you laughing day and night

Doing my Charlie Chaplin shtick

I will nourish your soul with Socrates

And enrich your mind with Unamuno

We will swim in the sea of necessity

The mother of invention

If only you will follow me

Into an undiscovered world of dreams

With my Ouija board I will ask Ponce De Leon

To keep us young forever