It’s because they can’t bear
what they witness down here.
Human beings suck the marrow
out of each other’s bones—
Lucifer digests the Commandments.
Shooting little children, patricide,
matricide and suicide are rampant.
There will be no more bluebirds
over the white cliffs of Dover.
Fat ladies will no longer sing,
and skinny lonely guys will drink
and drug themselves to death.
Even great poets like T.S. Eliot
will dump his poems in toilets
because of the anagram of his name.
Can everyone please stop dying?
The younger generation listens to Rilke’s advice:
You must change your life.
They close the gap between the rich and poor.
Free health care and college keeps everyone smiling.
We become friends with our enemies.
Unspeakable kindness becomes epidemic.
The angels start singing again.