Make your life
a genuine work of art.
Find someone to love
who loves you back.
Choose work that makes
use of your potential.
Ignore other people’s
opinions of you.
Be yourself—everyone
else is taken.
Give up praying,
make your life a prayer.
Only an unlived life
creates a fear of death.
Be kind to yourself
and everyone else.
Cherish an old friend.
Try to catch the brass
ring on the next ride.
There is no such thing
as coincidence.
Pleasure and pain
are temporary cousins.
See the world with
the fresh eyes
of a young child,
when everything
looks new again.
Use your imagination

when you follow the
yellow brick road.
Give generously,
and anonymously.
Never forget,
you’re just another
mammal, and never
stop laughing
at the absurdity
of the human condition.