now creaking bedsprings

in the guest room are of no matter.

Was it all a dream?

We used to walk more slowly,

and capture moments with a roll of 620 film

and a Brownie Box Camera.

Bobby-Soxers went to the Paramount

swooning over Sinatra’s crooning.

Today, meth heads, starved for radiance,

swallow the elixir of ecstasy at E.M.D. concerts.

Ominous air no longer seems sweet,

and I can’t see the face of the stars.

Clouds are as grey as grandma’s underwear,

and everyone drinks tasteless bottled wate

Old jalopies once trudged along the roads.

Now every car looks new and no driver

can tolerate another car in front of them.

Grandparent’s teeth, sentinels in the dark,

were kept Efferdent clean in a glass of water.

Implants currently transform toothless gums

into a Hollywood smile. Must we all be beautiful?

Welcome to the charmed life of Silicon Valley winners!

Fat Calibans can get lost.

In the virtual reality quest for rapture,

will we still love one another?