Every Saturday morning
for the past 40 years
when I call my friend
at the crack of dawn,

he answers: “2 here!”
I respond “1 here!!,”
a protocol based on British
seafaring war movies
of World War II.

We move out smartly
in military fashion
to hunt for artifacts
for our Tutankhamen-like
time capsule.

He navigates, having
reconnoitered locations
the night before, to find
sales of collectible items.

We stockpile our findings
In 7 garages and 9 barns.
Here is a partial list of what
we have accumulated, so far:

Sickles, scythes, cowbells,
snow shovels, wagon wheels,
ice block saw, Shriners’ fezzes,
vintage ink wells, paintings,
fiddle, tug boat, wagon wheels,
accordion, pinwheels, pushcart,
wooden pulley, saddle,
and ping-pong paddles.

Ice-pick, gold tooth pick,
blacksmith tongs, sad irons,
mannaquin, poker chips,
piggybanks, barometer,
waterboards, Santa Claus,
Pez container, porno flicks,
bibles, harness, Polaroid camera,
and an unopened bottles of Slivovitz.

Waders, fly rods and reels,
kaleidoscope, Studebaker
and Citroen automobiles,
drawing knife, daredevil lures,
red-feathered spinners,
tractor seat, bowling balls,
eel spear, hay hook, martingale,
pipe and bench vise, flail,
tambourine and kerosene lantern..

Washing machine wringer,
router, bobsled, kayak, canoe,
hayfork, toboggan, Boston Whaler,
pick axe, flexible flyer, wedge,
tea pots, butter churn,
weather vane, motorcycle,
anchor, thermometer,
and threads for a treadle
Singer sewing machine.

Windmill, ropes, a Sunfish,
telescope, spear gun, cell phone,
wood planer, Tanka, tapastries ,
Mandalas, top hats, Swastika,
alarm clock, a carved wood goose,
derby, Dead Sea Scrolls
and candle mold.

Turnip seeders, milk can,
bear trap, bellows, shotgun,
Victrola, dial phone, grindstone,
Emerson radio, yarn winder,
airplane propeller, catamaran,
periscope, spinning wheel,
flashlights and flamingos.

Stuffed owl, long-playing records
of Bix Beiderbeck, Coltrane
and the Bird, bat house, Glock,
skeleton keys, bongo drums,
cast iron frying pans, washstand,
Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.

Hookah, rugs, antimacassars,
Sweet Jesus bleeding on a cross,

ocarina, carousel horses, nickelodeon,
brass knuckles, Statue of Liberty,
periscope, castanets, post hole digger,
long johns, nightgowns, and clowns.

Mandolin, tin pan alley tunes,
safes, telephone booth, candle sticks,
log splitter, wheelbarrow, music boxes,
corkscrew, daguerreotype of Lincoln,
home brew bottle capper,
ceramic puppy and a pussy cat.

Honk-a hooga-ooga-ooog horn,
Model A cranks, hand-blown bottles,
barrels, crocks, old locks, pedal car,
gumball machine, marbles,
boxing gloves, straight razor,
razor strop, and silver brocade.

Jukebox, grenade, Boston rocker,
pinball machines from a penny arcade,
Meerschaum pipe, a printing press,
walky-talkies, cash register,
M1 carbine, gold picture fames,
embroidered pillows
and ironstone potties.

Mahjong, monopoly, backgammon,
plastic persimmons, piccolo, pistol,
maracas, carved ivory, soapstone, harp,
Sears catalogue, a Ketubah,
and wine decanters.

Cradles and ladles, dolls, silver spoons,
spittoon, demitasses, cocktail glasses,
glockenspiel, compass, ice tongs,
beehives, snuff box,, harmonicas,
harpoons, double-decker bus,
ferry, silver dollars, metronome,
tin whistles, and a wishing well.

Apple peeler, three wheeler,
ostrich feathers, tiaras, old tins,
cast iron tobacco cutter,
skateboard, baseball caps,
crackerjack prizes, waterbed,

snow shoes, washboard, flyswatters,
Shirley Temple glasses, galoshes,
Eifel Tower, and Rolex watch.

Model planes, toy trains, helicopter,
Tonka toys, Hess trucks, erector set,
pick-up-sticks, xlophone, buggy whip,
banjo, I Phone, ukulele, dog house, beehives,
bat house, aquarium, terrarium, BB gun, flute,
Sonicare tooth brushes, bird cage, and bayonet.

Sling- shot, canteen, sheet music, nutcracker,
Cuisinart, French horn, trombone, horseshoe,
butterfly net, tuxedo, wedding dress, babushka,
toy soldiers, air raid warden helmet, soccer ball,
ice skates, tennis racket and strait jacket.

Geronimo, tupelo honey, Nagasacki photo,
oak bucket, mezuzah, Mickey Mouse, Red Bull,
Frankenstien, Scrimshaws, scale, barber chair,
typewriter, claw tub, ice box, thimbles, sextant,
Pavoritti CD, Snow White, and an Islamic Fatwa.

All of the aforementioned items are catalogued
and preserved in an underground time capsule.
The chaos of this collection will shine the light
of a dancing star on the life of our time.

It will not be opened until the year 5000.