When the universe
tilts my way,
a voice in a passing breeze
reminds me to be at ease.

Petaluma-like sun shines
on rows of huge sunflowers
with smiling faces
that never fade.

Birds are tweet-tweeting
as if they’re trying
to wake up the dead.
I breathe.

My dog is at my side
twitching in a dream.
The sleepy Abyssinian cat
on my lap yawns.

In the stillness of my garden
everything is all right.
Cars crawl along at 25mph
and the kids have all A’s.

Hymns from the church
waft down the street.
Unbelievers are on a golf course
or swatting tennis balls.

Seated in my gazebo
I let go from head to toe
even though the world
is a dangerous place.

I see a robin fly up a tree
with a Q-tip in his mouth
for a nest he is building.
I feel full of soul.

Nothing else matters.