Another knot that cannot be undone.
Another breath, sweet as baby’s first.
Another war, senseless, cruel, the same, in new ways.
Another chimpanzee in a tree ready to fling his poop.
Another jackass driver—another blood-soaked crash.
Another tin pail of undrinkable water—
and unbreathable air to boot.
Another promise to be kept, or not.
Another weeping mother—collateral damage
knocks your teeth out.
Another judgment, another and another.
Another friend to stab you in the front.
Another fish in the sea—when it seems like there’s only one.
Another head turner—just when you thought
nobody would turn your head again.
Another bully in the playground while teacher is on her phone.
Another flower to inhale and another flower, another flower.
Another seed to plant after a wildfire.
Another old friend—who barely recognizes you now.
Another word that begins a dream you haven’t understood.
Another day—soon to be one of the good old ones.
Another small but not silent gesture of kindness.
Another song to sing loud like drunken Volga boatmen.
Another footprint to follow a footprint in the maze.
Another tail to wag a dog ready to be your best friend.
Another treasure to discover under the floorboards.
Another moment—impossible to hold.
Another door blown open—a good day to vanish.
Another crust of bread to share with a fellow inmate.
Another elephant who joins his dying pals
for the comfort of warm bodies.
Another list of regrets—but no U-turns in the cemetery.
Another day for two to cozy up in a double-size coffin.