Everybody wants to know
what happens after you die.
I just got a report from a friend
who appeared in my dream.
He said not to worry—it’s fun.
Water tastes like sauvignon wine,
and an open bar has celestial wine
that keeps you drinking for all eternity.
When your spirit leaves your body
it’s so white it has a sheen of blue.
It settles in a place like Fire Island
where residents often sunbathed naked
and no cars were allowed.
Like Plato’s Retreat, free sex is encouraged
with a consenting partner—similar to policies
of the better nursing homes of today.
Forget about meeting up with loved ones.
There are just too many divine spirits floating around,
and there are no bulletin board notices with names
like in the post-holocaust period where relatives
tried to locate each other after being liberated
from concentration camps.
You’re on your own like never before. Enjoy!