It’s good to be loved

By a return of splendor

Flowers are a rustic oracle

With a brilliant complexion

The love of forget-me-nots

Has worth beyond beauty

With a presence

That softens my pains

And a harbinger

Of the kiss of the rose

That will soon die for me

When best days are past

Flowers in bloom

Have a hypnotic fragrance

That reminds me to breathe

Their fantastic extravagance

Provides the smile

And sun-beaming eyes

I aspire to

I feel young again

Rheumy eyes now see

With wonder of a child

Liver spots vanish

I skip along and sing

I feel, I feel, I feel

like a morning star

Keeping the silence

I watch light and color

Paint the emblazoned air

Like a stained-glass window

At Sainte Chappelle