Stranded before a medieval tabernacle,
my soul feels like a fish out of water
flapping around on a cold marble floor,
until I enter an open door into a world
where everyone lives like a God—
in awake-ness, in moments of attention,
as it was for me during my toddler years.
I savor my breath as if I never breathed before.
Everything seems new as I discover what I didn't know I knew.
I see glowing skeletons enjoying erotic calisthenics.
I pass ice plants, stinging nettles and wild radish.
Smiling grizzly bears, bobcats and jackrabbits abound.
A red-tailed hawk flies over lessingias, damselflies and velvet moths.
Curiosity is the key to what is.
I vow to never let anything get in my way to the joy of letting go.
The door is just a door