Will be spent loving you

as I have always done.

Loving you is easy. Leaving you

is harder than marching off to war.

I feel the pain of missing you,

it’s worse than the sting of a malevolent bee.

I yearn for your scent, ironclad touch,

and adorable ten little toes.

O, how I wish we could be making babies again

instead of surrendering to this vanishing act.

Join me as soon as you can. Don’t dawdle,

and I’ll reserve space for you.

Watch me unfold the gossamer wings

you designed with your artistic finesse.

I reinforce them with titanium struts

and zoom away like a peregrine

in flight to the unknown.

Thanks for packing away fresh fruit

and cut flowers since an offering may be required.

My CV looks good. I helped a lot of people,

never hurt a soul, and gave anonymously

to every worthwhile charity.

If there’s a there, there, with a door

for me to knock on,

will whoever’s in charge

please let me in?