is just around the corner.

A cigar store Indian smoking a peace pipe

points the way—

past a parade of scarecrows

who scare away small-minded Puritans

ready to slaughter Pequot Villagers.

Conquistadors in heavy armor,

with madness in their eyes ,

sail along the Amazon searching for El Dorado.

A group of nymphettes sits around a windmill

wearing wooden shoes. They reminisce

about Anne Frank’s words:

Whoever is happy will make others happy to

Treblinka guards belch and fart in the heat,

heaving bodies of men, women and children

into a fiery furnace.

Her family regrets not moving to Uganda.

Light on my feet, I hover over the scent

of sweet smelling wild flowers in bloom.

Nothing hurts anymore— with a full belly,

I’m no longer terrified of loneliness,

and move as freely as a butterfly.

I go where the sum never sets.

Unburdened of care, my watch has stopped.

My soul steers the course with 20/20 vision.

I can’t stop smiling.