Jim imbibes a full-size tumbler
of Captain Morgan’s rum,
and Mary sips Harvey’s Bristol Sherry
from a crystal stem glass.

They review bargains bought
at Walmart, including a half gallon
of cheap ice cream that Jim claims
is better for you than Haagan-Dazs.

After a dinner of salt cod and potatoes,
Jim eases out of his union suit
into warm flannel pajamas
and plops down into bed.

Mary massages his neck and shoulders
after dripping Blink into Jim’s dry eyes,
and saline drops into his nose.

She fills three hot water bags
and two Fomantek “puffies.”
They cuddle under an eiderdown quilt
as aching bones revel in the heat.

Tremulous hands reach for the remote
and flip through channels until
one is found
sure to lull
smiling faces into a blissful sleep.