Uncanny occurrences happen at the same time,

how can one explain?

Shamans rattle old bones, Dervishes whirl,

men of faith mumble prayers wrestling with

questions that have no answers.

Logical minds affirm the rule of facts

relegating coincidence to chance events.

While visionaries see omens in a falling star,

rational thinkers say it’s nothing but a meteoroid,

stony iron burning up as fast as it falls.

Moctezuma monitored the movements

of Pleiades making sure the world was

not coming to an end.

Mayans viewed the Milky Way as sacrosanct,

a mystic road for souls to walk into the underworld.

Mystics have always known the world is an illusion,

and now quantum physics agrees.

The threads of our lives are woven together

in startling serendipity, a harmonizing principle

of matter, energy and consciousness bound

by a cosmic glue where everything

is interrelated and mutually attuned, embedded

in a universal matrix

The brain may be a hologram creating reality

from a dimension beyond space and time,

a dimension we have yet to know.