After my wife departed,
it felt like my life was over—
but then I realized I may have
a few good years to live, and
decided to make the most of it.
I start with our new greenhouse—
to plant vegetables and flowers
my wife would have loved.
Together with my rescued
Weimaraner, I’ll live on our farm
and buy a gentle horse I can ride
every day to oversee my herd
of goats and flocks of egg-laying
chickens adjacent to the horse-barn.
Another Shetland pony for all my
grandchildren would surely be loved.
A monkey as a pet would be good
to have again as well as a pussy cat
or 2 to keep the mice and rats at bay.
I will treasure a grove of cherry and
apple trees in a field above the silo
that my wife appreciated so much.
Tears fill my eyes as I watch my wife
smiling at me between the passing clouds.