In the middle of the night, my dead brothers
ring my bell and wait for me at my front door.
They’re here to tell me to have no fear.
They have a pup tent and a down sleeping bag
stored for me in the Elysian Fields.
Mechanically inclined, with Kaleidoscopic vision,
they saw stars before they entered the night sky.
Grandma always knew they had Goldena hands.
Stan became an orthodontist, and Eddie sailed
around the world in a boat designed by himself.
They have now developed a fleet of drones, a bitcoin bank,
and a hook up to lightning—electricity in the old-fashioned
Benjamin Franklin way. Stan figured out W-I F-I
for the heavenly cosmos, and Eddie developed
the first divine internet dating sight, called: Widow’s Delight.
Orders from Zabar’s and Amazon are de rigeuer,
and with Echo and Alexa—every question can be answered.
Paradise is not far away.