Clarity of passion, paradisal,

Intense as an orangutan in heat,

Fragile as a frayed rope bridge

Swaying over a gaping canyon

Clinging to indifferent jagged cliffs

Risking a plunge down the abyss.

Credible passion, one feels most alive

Consumed by longing and desire

Bound together in labial heat

And briny root, skin and bone

Intertwine in a kettledrum roll; a thread

Of silence weaves into a tapestry of love.

Certitude of passion knows no bounds,

It’s factual, a pillar of concrete, a perimeter

That cannot be breached.

She wears a wreath of red roses riding on

A white unicorn throwing candied almonds

To a waiting throng.

When her heart flutters his heart flutters too,

Her pain is his, she cries, he weeps in harmony,

Her blood boils, his simmers in an agitated stew.

Knotted fibers of sinewy marble meld them as one.

Titanium blades cannot cleave them asunder, united

As long as stars illuminate the mystic wine of night.