As long as I try to make living each day
as memorable as it can be, it all seems
so empty without my loving wife, who
was always so much better at living
with a joie de vivre I never enjoyed.
She never wasted a moment in how
she embraced the challenge of making
each day in her life a vital experience.
A moment of boredom was alien to her.
She lived to make something out of nothing
each and every day with a creative imagination
that knew no boundaries.
I vow to prolong my life as much
as I can to delay the excruciating
pain of loss for my kids and grandkids.
Everyone finds a way to mourn
in their own way. Though the remaining
days of my life are a temporary band-aid
against the inevitable—like aspirin for a migraine—
never underestimate the stamina of love.
I will keep breathing as long as I can.