Anniversary Waltz on Sturgeon Bay


Loving you is easy,

yesterday, today, tomorrow,

the mirror image reflects

the shoe that fits,

gears that mesh.

simulated siamese twins

listen to unspoken words.


Two solitudes embraced.

ballroom dancers fly,

barbershop harmonies sing.

the yin and the yang

of the six pointed star.

two old dovetailed dogs

lie sleeping in the sun.


Loving you is easy,

yesterday, today, tomorrow.

a living irredescent flower

blooming each day.

a scented luminescence,

a literal lightening bug

beaming being,

becoming and bemused

efforvescent creations.

always original, always new.

unique ideas and wit,

delighting the eye,

comforting the soul,

affirming the grand adventure.


Milt Ehrlich