Waiting to leave this heavenly belly,

Almost done, five centimeters to go.

Ready to emerge; a slap on the behind

And a cry of life releases my first breath.

Silver nitrate bathes my eyes,

What glaring lights in this noisy place!

Tossed about like a sack of potatoes,

What the hell is going on?


Waiting to be fed.

Finding those milky white breasts,

Sucking away on red rosebud nipples,

Filling up with warm mother's milk

As blissful sleep returns.


Waiting to be cared for.

For someone, anyone to hold me,

Feed me when I'm hungry,

Don't let me wallow in my mess

Or let me spend too much time alone.


Waiting to grow up.

Seeing, tasting, touching,

Sitting up, crawling, walking and talking.

Letting go of mother.

Reading, writing and homework begins

While learning how to run

From the schoolyard bully.


Waiting to mature.

For the nightmare of childhood to end,

For college and more teachers and books.

Searching for a soulmate,

Sampling the passing parade.


Waiting for a job.

Waiting for marriage.

Waiting for children.

Waiting for grandchildren.

Waiting to retire.

Waiting to grow old, and finally

Waiting to get whacked,

Yet hoping to start all over again.


Milt Ehrlich