Being Dead for Dummies


First, lie as still as you can,

don't move a muscle or anything else,

breathe without breathing,

just enough to keep from passing out.

Let your thoughts wander.

Allow a freedom you never permitted,

giving free reign to your imagination,

creating the Theater of Past Regrets,

playing out all possible scenarios.

Celebrate the one special script

that makes you feel alive again:

Jump up and dance away the night

because you ain't dead yet!


When word of your demise is heard,

you would surely be the first to know.

But since you never died before

Just improvise as you go.

There are no advanced reservations

so stand by for stand by

for your solitary journey

so highly classified and enigmatic

that Houdini himself couldn't break the code.

Practice letting go and letting go some more,

keep your knees loose and smile a lot

and you're guaranteed to find your way.

Milt Ehrlich