As a trustee
from an unknown dimension,
it was my intention
to hurry home and explain
what it was all about.

Like Houdini had once before.

A fifty-year school reunion
as if it were today.
Classmates tossing sobriquets:
“Hi Hog, Hey Butterball, Hello Slug!”

A convening of Facebook and Twitter avatars,
from when we were seventeen,
but with warm hugs and fuzzy tears.

We all make our way in arts and crafts,
like a Farm and Wilderness camp.
Organic meals three times a day
under a firmament of technicolor stars.

Some say it reminds them
of San Miguel de Allende
or the Twin Oaks commune
without the polyamorous buffoonery.

There’s no pain or suffering,
just lots of laughs, breathing deeply,
utterly safe, with flowers everywhere.
Shades of Easlen.

No one could see or hear me.
I tried shouting, texting, Morse,
and even sign language.

Be strong and courageous
and have no fear
is all I wanted to say.