I feel the comfort of rain
when pocks of raindrops
batter the roof of my car.
I draw a cleansing breath.

Rain, rain, don’t go away,
bring trumpeting daffodils
and blue hibiscus
that bloom in May.

Bring fresh water:
no more stagnant
ponds or lakes,
no more fields of corn
choking in drought.

Let me slosh around,
in sun showers
and hunker down
in the freezing drizzle
of dark November days.

Lightening, the clap of thunder,
a pheromone-tinged climax
releases bountiful showers,
filling wells and rain barrels.

No one’s throat is ever parched
and all creatures have their fill.

When the naked rain
streams over my body
with an ion-induced
arousal, it makes me
reach for a warm body.

Love is the music of rain.
In a drenching downpour
body and soul mesh.

I once swam from water to land
from an ancient part of my brain.

Please bury me at sea.