California here I come,
pulling up stakes
as I head for that great
resonance of space,

one hand outstretched
to greet the future,

another waves goodbye
to abandoned kith and kin
I love so well.

I may not see them again
in their lonely splendor.

Amidst a sun shower
of tears and gladness
there remain wounds;

hearts broken in two
that may never heal,

that cannot be filled
by the rational mind.

Like the heartbreak
of psoriasis, there is no cure.

How many times can
I stand by the window
and look back East,

torn apart, missing you,
undone by bitter-sweet sadness.

I bite my lip, wring my hands
and move forward,

dumping cold rain
on those I leave behind.

Sorrowful wails slowly fade.
Life is change.