It's Never Too Late


It’s never too late to have more fun,
dance a jig, sing off key, be a bum.

Find the passion that’s right for you.
Take your love by the hand, and 23 skidoo.

Shuffle ahead like Charlie Chaplin
ravishing Paulette Goddard.

Sail around the world in a Catamaran,
bring home some Shalimar
for the one you love.

Join natives with skinny behinds
and tinkling bamboo
who pluck a ukulele
and dance a hula kahiko.

Climb Mt Killimanjaro
and listen to the wind.
Chant along with the Shaman
who carves your name in stone.

Learn to fly and fly right out of yourself; go spelunking,
get lost in the Blue Grotto on the Isle of Capri.

Pan for gold in the Yukon
and warm yourself in Inuit igloos
where wives are shared with shivering guests.

Sit back in a chauffeured limousine;
sip some Dom Perignon
while you hum
“I’ve got the world on a string…”

It’s never to late to test yourself out,
germinate talents you never knew you had.

Make your life an incandescent flower;
keep laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Who is the man in the mirror now?