The music of Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego
failed to amuse King Nebuchhadnezzar
who exiled Jews from their homeland.
The King forced the leader of the Jews
to witness the murder of his sons
before gouging out his eyes.
History inspired Verde to compose Nabucco.
When the lead opera singer was taking his bows
to a standing ovation audience, he was unable
to straighten up, and collapsed on the stage
while the plaintive wail of Va Pensiero,
the chorus of the Hebrew slaves
vibrated in the walls of La Scala in Milan.
Fans waiting outside of the hospital soon learned
their baritone singer with a divine voice was D. O. A.
Candle lights flickered as a pair of mourning doves
framed the night air perched on the hospital door,
escorting the singer back to the Promised Land.