This is the age of malignant narcissism,

greed is the new religion. The birds have flown,

our planet is tired, as if riding on 4 flat tires.

A few billionaires want to brag

and march around waving a flag.

They don’t care about the poor,

claiming they should work harder.

All the lying and dying never

seems to go away. I still hear

Kate Smith singing—

God Bless America,

and Father Coughlin in ‘39

spouting anti-Semitic diatribes

while thousands of Members

of the German American Bund

rally at Madison Square Garden.

Everyone lives in fear,

causing one war after another.

Hitler was also elected in’34—

The stench of burning books

lingers in the air.

Our President learned from Goebbels:

The bigger the lie, the better it works.