They’re tree-hugging, eco-friendly suits
who can make a buck and still feel good.
They’ll keep vermilion in the sun,
a soft wind blowing, and make weather
like a mother preparing a bath
for her child; not too hot and not too cold.

The moon will be supplied
with enough verdigris cheese
to maintain the ebb and flow
of the Bay of Fundy tides

The spectrum of the stars will stay:
“Oh, be a fine girl/guy, kiss me,”
ranging from hot white, to blue white,
yellow white, orange, and red.

They’ll teach us how to track
our carbon and water footprints
like Sacajawea found the Pacific.

No more fusty dumps and moldy shoes,
everyone will be paid in green
for using recycling kiosks
for compostable cups, knives and spoons.

Let’s revere the hickory, locust and ash,
and stop fiddling with topiary trees.
Use no paper, not even on the John.
Water does a better job.

I must learn how to straddle a bidet.

Milton P. Ehrlich