After a night-long embrace,

a roly-poly twosome

tumble out of bed

singing “Hey Manuela…”

Country hands from

Quito and Peru

give each other a squeeze

between giggles

of a tickle and a tease.

In sequined pajamas,

they flood the house

with sunshine,

as playful with each other

as jolly harlequins.

They jiggle and jounce

their vast pulchtritude,

laughing their way

down to the kitchen

where he bongos on pots

and she claves

to the tico ticks and tico tocks

of the Amazonian Toucan.

Marshmallows are tossed

on Rice Krispies

with jelly donuts for dessert

before leaving for work

at McDonalds and Wendy’s..