It gives life to our numbed

and dummy-downed world,

helping us all find a beautiful

way to be.

For authenticity,

only words in a poem

tell the truth about life:

Love doesn’t always work

and when it comes to dying,

nobody is really ready.

Banksters will never learn to fly

squawking like mocking birds,

conning us and each other.

How violated we feel!

Huksters are savages,

scavangers whose greed

buries us alive in a heap

of meat and potatoes.

It’s not hard to exist,

but a life worth living

must remind us of what

we don’t know, we know.

Only a soul can see

what there is to see

in a passing cloud,

a silent pond,

or a falling leaf.

A night filled with stars

inspires the blessed faculties

of wonder and imagination.

It stokes a fire in the heart,

caressing a loved one

in the here and now,

and tightens the groin

for the journey ahead.