A meticulously researched sequence

of molecules puts a serotonin smile

on your face, a shit-eating grin that wraps

around you lie a brother returning from war.

Instant feel- good soma pills arrive,

induced euphoria is here to stay.

Neurotransmitters of a brave new world

tapping at your door, tiny peptides, seeds of joy,

better than a roll in the hay with a wham-bam climax.

Saved without being born again.

No more raging fires of teeth- gnashing anguish,

bog of loneliness or flickering embers of despair.

The whirlpool of niggling worries, self-doubt,

panic and fright scrunching up your rear vanish

as you swallow a pill; the hour of dreams is here.

Zyprexa, Celexa and Effexor have you

soaring like a Red-Shouldered Hawk

rising without a single wing-beat as if

lifted by some invisible hand.

Touched awake through the miracle of chemistry

you’ll ache with pleasure, inhaling the scent

of a garland of roses around your head,

lulled into beatific repose, seraphim one and all.

Though the world burns with murderous intention,

detaching yourself from yesterday and tomorrow

allows your soul to breathe as it never has before

as you slumber in a feather bedded womb

addicted to serenity with one remaining wish,-

that your altered state of being never ends.