If your eyes and ears are open,

you will hear voices in the wind,

notice a hand blown window,

be delighted by a laughing toddler,

or sunk by a penetrating sadness

at the sight of a homeless lady,

and become lost in the soup

of colors in a stream of oil

glistening on black macadam.

When I look up, I see a tangle of wires

crisscrosssing the sky. It’s God’s linguini,

waiting for Italian sweet sausage sauce

simmering on his stove.

“Stop spitting in front of the store”,

says a sign in front of a Chinese take out.

I wonder why some spit anywhere?

Most of us don’t spit on a sidewalk.

And the smudged back window of a car

has a fingered happy face with the words:

“Don’t worry,

be happy,

you’re alive.”

Milton P. Ehrlich 199 Christie St Leonia, N.J. 07605