I hang on o the elephant’s tail
In front of me to get me where
I have to go and soon discover
being dead is not too hard—
you don’t have to do anything.
I might bring along a periscope
in my pine box to keep in touch
with whatever is going on there.
When worms arrive, I’ll welcome
them in to make up for the worms
I used for bait when I went fishing.
They can enjoy my old body which
I will no longer be using except for
tracking the location of my wife who
left for the ionosphere months ago.
I find her teaching a sensory meditation
class. We hug each other with familiar
overflowing passion as if we were young
all over again. She asks me to provide
security with the Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu I learned
just before she left. I’m pleased to be helpful.
God must have forgotten about the homeless men
who are swarming around her class trying to get in.