As soon as my soul left my body

I was confronted with a bundle

of black energy in the form

of a black lady who engulfed me

in a bear hug that felt like Mother.

She told me I must have a psychological

evaluation before I can be reincarnated.

After taking a full battery of tests—

including an IQ, Rorschach and MMPI,

I was advised I had 3 choices:

Bald eagle, Shih-Tzu, or Praying Mantis.

I chose to become a Praying Mantis

because it was strong, yet elegant.

Also, I liked the idea I would be

an assassin due to my ability

to be camouflaged as a twig.

My orders would be to use lethal poison

against all the malignant tyrants guilty

of oppressing people around the world.

Nothing could make me happier!