You are the boutonniere in my lapel,
I take you with me wherever I go.
You’re present, even though absent.
I could not exist without your smile,
and grow deaf if I don’t hear your voice
warbling like a song thrush in the morning.
I inhale your scent with my every breath.
Your shadow strolls along with me
in every footstep counted on my Fitbit.
My thirst for you can only be quenched
by a sip of the sweet taste buds
on the lip of your tongue.
I’m surrounded by your hugging arms,
that engulf me in a smiling state of bliss.
I haven’t felt like this since mother nursed me
in a hunger so honed, it took a longer time
than was proscribed by Dr. Spock.
Our souls whisper in silent conversations.
Without you, I will be tethered to nothingness.