I tip-toed over my laptop,

my talons did the walking.

I weeded out imposters

with doctored pictures.

I flew over Zoosk and E-Harmony,

J Date, Chick flirt and Cupid.com.

A downy feathered female

popped up on Dharma Match.

We perch on a stone ledge,

breathe in the here and now,

letting go of attachments.

Awakened, we soar

and rest on mountain tops,

feathers entwined to keep warm.

With profound empathy

for the suffering of all living beings,

we discover the true meaning of love:

loving the other, with no strings attached.

We glide south in winter,

flapping our way down

with our brood of eaglets,

and return when forsythias do.

We fly above the genuine mind of sadness,

seeking the still point in the sky.