I heard the command:
On your mark, get ready, get set,
(pistol shot), and go!
I ran as fast as my baby feet could go
until hair grew on my teen-age legs,
and then I sprinted like an antelope
across fields of red poppies and clovers.
When I reached the sea,
I swam like a fat halibut
to an island called home
where coconuts grew
and dancing girls
with phosphorescent eyes
and watermelon-size breasts
fed me perfectly seared dry scallops
with lemon caper pasta
until I fell fast asleep.
When I woke up, I watched
the girls dance a dying swan dance
in a search for worn out bodies
until flowers grew out of their bones.
I knew it was an omen—
my life would soon be over.
I threw away my watch,
grabbed my toothbrush,
and a mess of Chirardelli
very dark chocolate bars.
All I had to do was wait
for ocean waves
to lull me back to sleep.